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Membership TypesHow It WorksFAQsHow to CancelTerms of Service

How It Works

  • Unlimited Wash Club per Vehicle
  • Monthly Subscription – No Fixed Contract – No Cost to Cancel
  • Easy Payment Options – Nothing to do at Pay Station – No Waiting / Vehicle Automatically Accepted for Wash – RIFD Technology Enabled


How do I sign-up?

  • Website or fill-out form at our office, on-site at wash.

How does it work?

  • Once signed up a small window shield sticker will be placed on upper corner of window shield
  • RIFD reader will read sticker
  • Gate will go up and go get your car washed!
  • Monthly your credit card will charged on the 2nd of each month or closest following workday
  • Nothing to do at pay station

How often can I wash my car?

  • Unlimited for the month

What happens if I sell or trade-in my car?

  • Just come to office and inform us – we will gladly transfer account to your next vehicle, at no expense!

Can anybody use the unlimited pass?

  • Yes, it “follows” the vehicle –not the driver.

Any long-term commitment or cancellation fee?

  • NO – can be canceled anytime without penalty or added cost.

How to Cancel

Just talk to attendant at Lone Star Car Wash – they will handle cancellation process, immediately – at no cost.

Terms of Service

  • Monthly plan – No Long Term Commitment
  • Unlimited Washes per Vehicle – at wash level chosen.
  • Renews automatically on 2nd calendar day each month – until customers cancels plan.
  • No activity needed at pay station