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San Antonio car washDid you know our car wash is eco-friendly?

  • More than 80 Solar Panels making carbon footprint near zero for electricity requirements
  • Nearly 75% of water recycled using SAWS approved water recycling methods – Estimated that 2,000,000 gallons of water saved annually
  • Final Spot Free Rinse – Not Recycled Water – Instead it is RO generated water
  • All soaps + waxes – biodegradable

touch-free car wash in San Antonio TXDid you know our car wash is gentle on your car and tough on dirt?

  • Conventional car washes are loud, intimidating and chaotic. Instead of loud brushes, our cleaning components are called Wash Wheels and they deliver an ultra-quiet, thorough and gentle massaging clean that customers greatly prefer.
  • Each wash wheel has a cleaning touch of 7 hands and 9 fingers per hand! This produces a wiping action that removes dirt with multiple cleaning edges.
  • The entire car wash tunnel outperforms conventional equipment and hand wash workers alike.

Did you know our car wash is a light show experience?

  • We have the world’s first car wash with color-changing LED lights inside the wash wheels.
  • Conventional brushes can be dark, imposing and claustrophobic. Our wheels are bright, colorful and inviting!
  • Drive through after dark and experience the show. Your kids will love it!

touch-free soft-wash led light show car wash San Antonio